As of October 1, 1993 all travel arrangements are subject to the ‘Law on Package Tours’ that harmonises the rules within Europe and gives greater consumer protection. In accordance with the law, travel agencies must be able to document that they have drawn the attention of the consumer to all possible contingencies; the exact itinerary, all formalities and expenses, possible changes, and the terms of agreement must be very clear when the accommodation is booked (i.e. before you confirm your booking by paying a deposit).

Note: It is therefore very important that you have familiarised yourself thoroughly with the basis of agreement for a booking. The basis of agreement comprises the following elements: website information including price list, booking confirmation, Terms & Conditions, travel tips.

If the accommodation is booked AND paid for on Total Solar Eclipse’s website, the traveller is under obligation to read and possibly print all relevant information and documents.

A. Website information including price list and itinerary contains a detailed description of the accommodation, current prices and a specification of expected extra expenses as well as special regulations or pieces of information that are relevant in connection with the specific accommodation.

B. Your booking confirmation presents the product purchased, the total cost and conditions of payment. The booking confirmation will also include guests’ names, as well as any additional relevant information if needed.

C. Terms & Conditions. We have standardised our Terms & Conditions relative to legislation and to the provisions of The Association of Travel Agencies in Denmark. These Terms & Conditions must be seen in context with the other relevant content of the basis of agreement as mentioned above.

D. Practical information. In connection with many of our accommodations we provide some practical travel tips. These are first and foremost intended as an assistance and service for our customers even though they may contain more formal information. For this reason, we presume that guests are familiar with the contents.

E. In order for Total Solar Eclipses /Albatros Travel A/S to update the accommodation that has been purchased we will need to use your booking data within the Albatros Travel Group, airlines, partner travel agencies, governments and data handling companies working in close relation with Albatros Travel. In order for Albatros Travel to present you with offers and services that are directly related to the purchase that has been made, Albatros Travel will use your data for marketing and communication purposes.

1. Booking

The booking of an accommodation is binding for both customer and travel agency once payment has been made.

2. Conditions of Payment

The accommodation is paid in full at the time of booking. The booking confirmation is sent directly to the provided email address upon payment.

The following rules apply:

At the time of booking, a deposit on 25% of the tours total price per person, though no less than AUD 500 must be paid. Cancellation insurance in case of illness must be paid at the same time as the deposit. The remaining payment must be submitted no later than 75 days prior to departure. If the deadline for the remaining payment is exceeded, there is no guarantee against otherwise unnecessary changes. Please notice that some tours have different conditions of payment and often stricter conditions for cancellation, i.e. tours utilising chartered ships or flights. These conditions are stated here in the Terms & Conditions.

3. Cancellation

The following rules apply:

Should war and life-threatening epidemics break out, or natural catastrophes and similar events occur within 14 days prior to departure, the trip may be cancelled free of charge. This will, however, be on condition that the Danish authorities (The Royal Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs) directly advise against travelling to the specific area, and that the contingencies have arisen after the booking of the accommodation.

Cancellation by the customer

With the customer’s cancellation of a booking up to 75 days prior to departure the deposit is lost. With cancellations 75-15 days prior to departure, a handling fee of 85% of the price of the accommodation will be charged. In the event of later cancellations, the customer has no claim to reimbursement.

Should war and life-threatening epidemics break out, or natural catastrophes and similar events occur within 14 days prior to departure, the trip may be cancelled free of charge. This will, however, be on condition that the Danish authorities (The Royal Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs) directly advise against travelling to the specific area, and that the contingencies arose after the booking of the accommodation.

Cancellation by the travel agency

The accommodation booking may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control and which neither our partners nor we could foresee (force majeure). In such cases the customer has no right to compensation beyond a refund of the price of the trip. Should the aforementioned contingencies arise the travel agency will always try to offer an acceptable alternative. Empirically, more than 90 percent of all tours are sold out well in advance of departure.

4. Cancellation insurance due to illness

We have cancellation insurance for all travellers which can be booked on our website. By taking out this cancellation insurance the accommodation can be cancelled without cost (except for the price of the insurance and possible handling charges) in the following situations:

A. In the case of acute illness that requires confinement to bed (doctor’s certificate necessary) or hospitalisation.

B. Death of an immediate family member (spouse, children, parents, grandparents).

The cancellation insurance must be taken out at the same time as the accommodation is booked, and it must be paid no later than at the time of accommodation booking and payment. Cancellation insurance covers only in case of acute illness (doctor’s certificate necessary) and cannot be taken out after the deposit is paid. Please note, that the premium is not refunded when an accommodation is cancelled, regardless of the reason for the cancellation. Please note that the cancellation insurance is optional and can be purchased in connection with booking the accommodation whereas appropriate travel insurance is the customer’s own responsibility. Please refer to section 11 of this document for conditions applicable to travel insurance.

5. Travel Documents

The booking confirmation will be emailed to your provided email address upon payment. If travel documents other than the invoice, is required, these will be forwarded to the traveller upon payment.

6. Passport and visa

Unless otherwise specified, obtaining the required passport and visa for travelling is the responsibility of the traveller.

The traveller must ensure he/she has a valid passport and visa and give the travel agency correct information regarding name and nationality, etc. We draw your attention to the fact that the processing of visa to Australia may take several weeks. The travel agency cannot be held responsible for travellers who, for whatever reason, may be denied entry at a border.

Please be aware that rules and regulations may change between booking and departure.

Please note that there are also visa requirements when in transit. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after returning from your destination.

7. Vaccination requirements

These should be obtained from the customer’s own physician. If the travel agency gives information about vaccination and/or prophylactic measures or other medical subjects, this should be considered as a service that is under no medical liability. The customer must be able to document the fulfilment of vaccination requirements by presentation of the yellow International Certificate of Vaccination.  Therefore, please be advised that vaccination requirements are the customer’s responsibility.

8. Change of traveller

In keeping with legislation, and if practically possible, transferring one’s accommodation (instead of cancelling it) to family or friends on the condition of paying a fee is an option. The size of the fee depends on the time of change. The travel agency does not carry out resale of accommodations already paid for, nor does the travel agency guarantee that a change of traveller can be effectuated.

9. Changes in price

In accordance with legislation, tour operators may raise the agreed upon price as a result of altered taxes, tariffs and fees. Unfortunately, many sudden price increases as a result of increased safety taxes or other taxes. Price increases will take according to the following principles:

  • Taxes and tariffs will be increased with the exact amount if this exceeds AUD 20

10. Travel Insurance

All travellers must be suitably insured. This is of paramount importance regarding transport in case of illness as well as home transportation, etc. when you are abroad as your public health insurance normally does not cover this. All travellers are responsible for having appropriate insurance cover themselves. Participation on a trip presumes responsible and considerate behaviour, and you are expected to comply with the directions of the travel agency and its representatives. It is not advised that travellers venture alone into unknown and remote areas especially after nightfall. If you wish to be independent, this should always be in consultation with the agency or its local representatives.

11. Your responsibility

As already mentioned, your participation in a trip is subject to your being aware of the above information as well as the information on the website, on the booking confirmation and in the itinerary, and to your following the aforementioned regulations. It is also expected that you seek publicised information about the current political, health, natural and climatic conditions at your destination. Individual travellers must pay attention that the information is not conclusive and does not include all circumstances. Please note that visa requirements are the sole responsibility of the traveller and requires extra attention.

12. People with disabilities

A principal rule is that all travel participants must be self-reliant. Wheelchair users and people with a motor handicap are welcome on many of our tours, but please consult the travel agency before booking a tour. The travel agency reserves the right to decline guests who will not be able to participate in the tour on their own. The travel agency is not responsible for any such refusal.

13. Claims

Claims regarding shortcomings at an accommodation must be directed to the travel agency or to the hotel as soon as they are ascertained in order for the travel agency to attempt to rectify the situation. The travel agency is a member of the Danish Travel Complaints Board. In case of disagreement between the travel agency and the traveller regarding shortcomings regarding an accommodation, you may place your complaint with the Complaints Board. The address is PAKKEREJSE-ANKENÆVNET, Røjelskær 11, 3. sal, 2840 Holte, Denmark, Tel.: +45 - 45 46 11 00.

Any lawsuit or dispute with the travel agency will be ruled upon according to Danish law.